"The Filter" AC Line conditioner.

The Filter is a multi stage Line conditioner designed to clean up the noise and interference present in today's household mains, providing a blacker background, increased detail, and more noticeable frequency range.





"The Filter" features a clamping voltage of 700V and surge protection to 6500V/190J in its initial stage. The AC is then smoothed by hand manufactured German AC capacitor banks and finally passes through EMI & RFI filters, which are chosen from the highest grade available for their performance. The Filter is hard wired with heavy Gauge Australian copper and then potted in high-grade electrical damping resin and industrial talc for vibration damping. The filter is Hand made in Melbourne using many local components, and is done in small batches.

'The Filter' cleans up noise, hash, and feedback in the mains circuit creating a blacker background, which in turn brings out subtle detail and ambiance lost through distortion of the electrical current running through your equipment. You will experience a more relaxed, deeper soundstage with extended frequency range, more impact and greater dynamics.

Suitable for 100-240VAC 50/60Hz operation at 5-10 amperes nominal. Filter weighs 1.4 kilos.

Input via IEC socket, output via 3 pin Mains plug. Also available for overseas orders with IEC female output.

Available direct via mail order worldwide!

Local and Overseas Dealer inquiries welcome

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