Last stock of Millenium clocks, once they are gone thatís it, grab one while you can!

The Millennium Audio CD clock is a high performance crystal oscillator designed to replace the cheap crystal in most CD players and DVD players on the market. There are quite a few clock mechanisms available on the market today, including the G&D, AudioCom, and TRICHORD clocks. All the available clocks make improvements over the standard CD circuit, the Millennium Audio one just seems to be a jump above the rest.


We have tested these clocks back to back with the above and found the MA clock to be more organic and liquid in its presentation, Bass is improved in most CD players, imaging and transparency increase and the detail in the mix is so much more apparent.


The quieter, blacker background and lack of hash in the DC due to the switching of the original crystal, allow much more micro detail and delicacy through.Millennium have their crystals custom made to very high specs, exhibiting 2-5 Pico seconds of jitter, in fact the crystal is worth almost half the value of the clock!

We have specified our Millennium Clocks with Black Gate capacitors and removed unnecessary circuits. Even the power LED onboard can be removed for further cleaning of the circuit. The result is even more refinement in the sound, this clock is a true must have for anyone with a CD player or CD Transport.



Sonic Art is supplying these clocks direct to the Australian public for the first time; alternatively we can fit the clock and perform any other upgrades you may require at the same time.


Other upgrades to your digital equipment include:

Black Gate FK, NX-HQ & STD grade capacitors in signal path, decoupling, and power supply.

Sonic Art Silver internal wiring

CARDAS RCA sockets for digital and analogue outputs

Sonic Art Silver Serpent power cord fitted or IEC socket fitted for use of HI-END power cable.



Millennium Clock with Black Gate cap onboard AUD$150.00 plus shipping.

Clock frequencies available

  •  8.4672MHz
  • 11.2896MHz(Meridian CD, Philips CD etc)
  • 13.8240MHz
  • 2 of 16.9344MHz(Pioneer CD, Marantz CD CEC, TEAC, etc)
  • 18.432MHz
  • 22.5792MHz(Arcam CD)
  • 4 of 27.000MHz(Most DVD players including Pioneer, Denon, combo players)
  • 2 of 33.8688MHz (Marantz CD/SACD)
  • 45.1584MHz (Most Sony CD, SACD etc)


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