ORACLE has been producing leading turntables for many years, from the Inception of the Mark 1 Delphi, right through to the current model, the Mark V which is without doubt one of the finest sounding Turntables on the market, as well as being a work of art.


Oracle has used their knowledge of isolation to design some of the worlds most attractive and functional CD Transports and Players ever seen, the CD2000 & CD2500 are superb machines, featuring fully isolated suspension and disc clamping methods developed from the Delphi Turntable, the finely brushed chassis machined from an aeronautic grade aluminium alloy will dissipate unwanted energy through an efficient series of coupling and clamping methods.


Sonic Art has been involved in the maintenance, repair and upgrade of Oracle Turntables for many years. We have rebuilt many Mark I, II & III tables to Mark V specs of various degrees, with excellent results sonically and visually. Recently we have been supplying parts around the world for rebuilds.






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