DoDD AUDIO Pre! This is one of the last Pre-amps Gary Dodd made, I custom specced this pre with the intent of having them made for Sonic-Art as a regular product line. Unfortunately Gary was unable to continue with the business so this is the last of his battery powered tube buffers!

This is the half width chassis, they look really nice and can fit in smaller spaces. The front plate is inch thick solid alloy milled out, chassis is powder coated steel and the pre has remote volume.

The SonicArt Dodd was specced with Cardas silver rhodium plated terminals across the back, two sets of outputs, 4 line inputs and a tape loop. Comes with Electro Harmonix GOLD series 6H30Pi tubes, will take virtually any 6DJ8 series tube, 2 tubes total so affordable tube rolling! ALPS blue velvet powered volume, ALPS gain pot, and power switch with MUTE and ON.

Remote is milled from solid alloy and anodized black, takes a 9v battery.

The power supply! This is custom Sonic-Art designed and constructed supply, runs a pair of 7Ah sealed batteries in parallel as per the DoDD specs, and comes with a top model C-Tek charger/monitor which is all Australian supplied and c-ticked. The supply case is very high quality IP rated polycarbonate, and has the C-Tek connector system which is an expensive little option but makes for a very professional setup.. The power supply is brand new, I have just built it this year after taking the pre out of storage. Gary used to sell the pre's with a pair of 12v batteries and a charger for USD$3000.00 and the Pre's were raved about in reviews.


Sound, well its very quiet! As you can imagine being battery powered the pre has a very black background, sound is musical and effortless with plenty of gain to drive any power amp. Nice big soundstage with very clean accurate portrayal of instruments. The EH Gold 6H30Pi are a very premium tube, most commercial pres cannot run these tubes due to the current they pull on the heaters, but this pre was designed for them. You can also run any of the multitude of ECC88/6DJ8 tubes on the market, making the pre very versatile to get the exact sound you are looking for.

The system is designed to be plugged in and left on, set the charger to auto and it monitors the batteries, tops them up and charges when the pre has/is being used. You can disconnect the charger completely while listening, the run time is around 8 hours before requiring charge again, but most users leave the charger connected.


The front plate has a couple of tiny marks at either side where Gary holds them to etch all the front markings. Not noticeable when looking at it unless you get up real close. I mention this only because there is no way to replace the front panel and it is not a warranty item.



DoDD AUDIO Pre-Amplifier AUD$3300.00





1992 - 20017 Sonic Art AUSTRALIA.