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VINYL LINK Phono Cables

We are great believers in Analogue Audio and have been producing custom cable looms and rewiring Tone-arms for years now. Sonic Art produces a range of high performance Cable assemblies for Tone-arms:


VINYL LINK Tonearm cable with billet alloy CARDAS R-DIN plug (Suits most commercial tonearms).

VINYL LINK RCA interconnect for Phono Stage to Preamp.



Our VINYL LINK Tonearm cable features Origin Live external Hi performance coax cable, Cardas billet alloy R-DIN plug at the arm end, and CARDAS Silver/Rhodium plated RCA plugs. (CARDAS RCA is now standard on all our Phono cables due to their increased resolution over standard brass or alloy gold plated plugs).


Our VINYL LINK RCA Cable is an interconnect version of the above featuring CARDAS Silver/Rhodium plated copper alloy RCA plugs at both ends, this cable is made specifically for people with external Phono Stages or step up transformers, and compliments OL tonearms maintaining the same signal path from tonearm to preamp.



VINYL LINK Tonearm & RCA Cable specifications:

Wire: Origin Live Phono cable.

Terminations: CARDAS Billet 90˚ DIN Plug &/or CARDAS Silver/Rhodium plated copper alloy RCA plugs.

Sonic Art Cables require 100+ hours of use before reaching full performance.



VINYL LINK 1.2metre Tonearm Cable with CARDAS RCA & CARDAS Billet alloy DIN plug AUD$390.00

VINYL LINK 1m Interconnect cables with CARDAS RCA plugs AUD$198.00

These cables are hand made to order. Lead-time is usually 2 days. Very carefully hand made in Australia.


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Sonic Art reserves the right to change specifications due to ongoing research.