SONIC ART THE GAIN step-up transformer

The Sonic Art step-up transformer uses custom wound Mu Metal transformers designed for Ortofon MC cartridges and other low output moving coils.


A very smooth open sounding step-up, the best way to describe “The GAIN” would be musical! Nice speed and timing create a very musical transparent soundstage, not the ultimate in detail, it lends more towards a realistic reproduction with that magic one comes to expect from vinyl playback.


PRICE: AUD$799.00

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QUICKSILVER step-up transformer

Quicksilver Step Ups have received accolades around the world for their neutral, flat and quiet response, like a wire with Gain. They are housed in a lovely extruded case and feature RCA input terminals and Quicksilver’s own hi quality Phono cables and earth wire out to the Phono Stage. The Quicksilver offers extremely competitive performance, it is not that far behind the T3000, and at the price is an absolute bargain in the world of overpriced boutique Hifi products.


Why did I choose Quicksilver? Performance at the right price, their philosophy is like ours, produce a high quality product at a genuine price point, not a fancy marketed gimmick or name, just proven quality. (US Retail is USD$590.00 from Quicksilver, this is their new pricing for 2004).


PRICE: AUD$950.00

"For valve boys who want to hear their low-output m-c but not the hiss, this is just the ticket." Andrew Harrison, Hi-Fi News,April 2003.



ORTOFON T-3000 Silver MC step-up transformer

The ORTOFON T-3000 is one of the best step-up transformers available. It has a long and famous history with audiophiles around the world. The pure silver windings and permalloy shielding create an exceptional transformer with a natural air and transparency that is hard to match unless you spend considerably more. Some would say it is not worth spending 3 times the Ortofon’s price for the perceived gain in quality one might receive.

With 30dB gain, channel separation greater than 90dB, and a response of 8-100khz, this is one very impressive step-up device. Why do I choose Ortofon? Simple really, because Ortofon gear is and always has been very well made! You get value for money from Ortofon. The Rohmann cartridge has been likened to a poor mans Koetsu Ureshi, no mean feat for something a fraction of the price. With Ortofon you get superb engineering and quality control from one of the leaders in Phono.


PRICE: AUD$2000.00




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