Sonic Art Cable reviews

August 2003: Alphonso Soosay, A recording engineer in Perth, Australia, has completed a very in depth review of the Sonic Art cable range including extended testing and comparative data.

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“One thing is for sure, anyone who claims that cables are just cables should seriously listen to Sonic Art. The differences can be quite startling. These cables produced a clean, strong deep Bass with nice airy highs. These are reasonably priced, and the type of cables I would use, Sonic Art is highly recommended to anyone who loves their CD music, DVD live concerts and DVD movies. This cable was amazing; the low-end frequency was sure deeper, richer with tighter tonal clarity. The mid-range was outstanding. I could hear more detail, never heard before on my audio system. The high-end frequencies extended more than ever before and what pure, nice airy highs. My main speakers have never sounded so superb before.”

March 2003: Terence Wong, Editor of 'I-AUDIO' in Singapore met with us at the 2002 Audio Show and ended up writing an interview as well as a product review in Volume 3 / No.2 of their Singapore based Audio magazine.

Read about it here: I-AUDIO Singapore

January 2000: Thanee Modshanga, Editor of Audiophile Thailand did a large review spanning 4 magazine issues, and tested all of the cable range, This is the first two parts of the review of interconnects and speaker cables.

Read about it here: AUDIOPHILE Thailand

October 1999: The Editor of 'Star-Audiophile' in Malaysia, Sujesh Pavithran met up with us in 1999 and took some of our Silver Line interconnects for a review.

Read about it here: Star - AUDIOPHILE Malaysia


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