A selection of feedback letters from customers of our Sonic Art Cables, filters and other creations!!

Note: this does not get updated very often!


From: Philip <>

Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2012 10:44:26 +1100

Subject: Re: Silver Reference cables

To: Sonic Art <

At 10:44 AM 2/01/2012 +1100, you wrote:

Hi Mark

Both Graham and I have PS Audio Perfectwave DACs, - an incredible piece of equipment, and which led me to subscribe to "Paul's Posts" - the founder of PS Audio, Paul McGowan, is an amazing person. He puts out a daily, thought revoking and insightful email, which I always look forward to.  It provides a forum for discussion on all things hi-fi.  I have sent you a link from his site, and highly recommend it.  Your Silver Reference XLRs are beautifully revealing, and not at all harsh.  It absolutely transformed both Graham's and my systems. He has excellent "ears" and within a few seconds was sitting up eyes wide, looking incredulous. He knows his favourite tracks literally inside-out, and was hearing things that  he had NEVER heard before.





To: Sonic Art <>

Subject: Re: speaker cables

Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 11:00:49 +1000

Hi Mark, got them last night and managed to get a few hours on them, gosh that  is a big improvement already! I will give you a more thorough impression after  the weekend. Couple of questions, are they supposed to be in a particular direction? and will they burn in any more? So far though, i think they are probably the best bargain in audio around.

Thanks a million



From: Maurice Spinazzè <>

To: "Mark" <>

Subject: Re: acrylic platter mat

Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 07:55:59 +1000

Awesome! This mat has to be heard to be believed. It arrived yesterday morning; it really is a good product, and probably represents the most cost effective upgrade one can make to the turntable and get an appreciable improvement in sound quality. Thanks Mark.

Best regards



From: Eric Lo <>

To: "'Mark'" <>

Subject: RE: AC Filters

Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 07:51:42 +1000


Got the parcel on Tuesday, thanks.

Had a listen last night with the AC Filter on the Electrocompaniet ECD 1 CD player. Your gear says ' blacker background, superior details, and deeper bass.' It delivers all these. Wonderful equipment. Thanks.




From: Barb Hocking <>

Sent: Sunday, 12 December 2004 2:48:13 PM

To: <>

Subject: Interconnects


Both Interconnects are performing very well , it took about two CDs for an improvement over my old ones . There is excellent separation between all the instruments and vocals have revealed another layer  , the best thing is the amount and depth to the bottom end it really goes down but there is no boom and it does not rob the mids and highs . Could I please have a price on 1.5 & 2 m  signature interconnect and both power cords . What power cord should I use with Aragon Pre Amp . Also could I have price on 2 & 3 m speaker cable single to bi-wire .




From: phillip berling <>

Sent: Saturday, 27 November 2004 2:50:38 PM


Subject: Feedback

Hi Mark

Having purchased your amazing " The Filter " ac mains conditioner  and Blue lightning digital cable , I  can safely say I have saved myself  a lot of  money and trial and error , before I put these  pieces into the audio chain I had no idea that mains power and cabling could have such a strong effect on the overall sound.

I was using a Audioquest Vsd 1 digital cable well regarded in the d/cable market , when I replaced it with your Lightning cable the transparency was a night and day improvement , after  6 weeks  the sound has continued to  improve with greater  ambiance and greater separation , then came the mains filter into the system,  I was very interested in how this would go as I had never used one before , well I can tell you it has turned the soundstage into a music hall performance, backing singers are now clearly defined along with the bass being clearly heard,  "Come Together " from The Beatles  Abbey Road has never sounded better , the tight bass line has a authority that was just not there before adding these two remarkable products, I' m hooked, not only do Sonic Arts products  sound amazing but its the price that  gives the real world listener something special. Thanks Mark for all your help and advice and look forward to more purchases to take my system to even greater levels.

All the best


Scarborough .Western Australia.


From: Thim and Jenny <>

Sent: Wednesday, 24 November 2004 10:36:08 PM

To: "Mark ." <>

Subject: Re: Power cable

Hi Mark

Love your AC cable. Much stronger and natural presentation from my CD player for sure. Next step, your silver interconnect. One step at a time.....Thanks again.

Kind regards

Thim Lee


From: Michael Champion <>

Sent:  Wednesday, 10 November 2004 12:06:32 PM

To : <>

Subject: Thanks


Received the cables in good order today. Hooked em straight up, sounded a lot cleaner and tighter straight of the bat mate. Will drop you a line after about 100 hours for some feedback. Thanks for the great advice and service.




From : Thim and Jenny <>

Sent : Sunday, 14 November 2004 3:06:03 PM

To : <>

Subject : Powerchord

Hi Mark

Its Thim from Perth. Just wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with the speaker cables. They are a definite improvement over my old OCOSS Swiss made cables that cost only slightly more than yours. Yours is fantastic value for money. I would definitely recommend your speaker cables to my friends. Big upgrade for so little money. I'm glad I did not spend $1,300 on a pair of Audience AU24 speaker cables.

On to another matter. Can you please confirm which power chord is the right one for my system, the analogue or the digital? What are your current pricing for these products? I heard that silver based power chords are good for my Arcam FMJ CD player.

Kind regards

Thim Lee


From: phillip berling <>

Sent: Saturday, 30 October 2004 9:58:13 AM


Subject: mains conditioner

Hi Mark

Received the mains conditioner and there is an instant upgrade to the sound , far more detail and ambiance, do these filters take time to burn in and does a longer cable run make any real sonic difference, length from the wall to each component via mains filter approx 4 meters.




From: Baroque69 <baroque69@****>

Sent: Sunday, 4 July 2004 1:58:06 PM

To: <>

Subject: Re : Feedback

G'Day Mark

I was reading through your feedback from other buyers and felt a little intimidated about daring to leave any, these other guys really know there stuff from the sound of it!  I've gathered my courage though and will happily give the audio lover "gumbies" view on your gear :-)

Now I've had dozens of cables and half a dozen high end speakers over the years, as you well know, which were always bought on a whim and without much regard to research or testing. Your patient advice and timeless devotion to customer service helped to set me straight as you advised me on system components that matched my listening taste, namely for warmth and musicality. My new system sounds fantastic and was surprisingly affordable with the stand out performers being the Tower 2 speakers and the Sonic Silver cabling throughout. These balance beautifully with the Trilogy Pre, the Sumo power, the D.P.A and the C.E.C belt drive you recommended and sourced for me. Combine all of this with the extraordinary performance enhancing characteristics of the AC mains filter and I just couldn't be any happier!

I can't really have a go at describing the sound in the same terms as your other feedback {Namely because half of it leaves me scratching my head in confusion} but I can tell you that I know what I like when I hear it, and I've heard and owned more than enough to be able to tell the difference, and your stuff is the pill Mark! Absolutely brilliant old son! I buy from no-one else these days and happily recommend you to all those who sample my system and fall in love with the "Super Sonic Special" as I like to refer to her. {Damn I'm even calling it a her now, that's gotta be a bad sign} In short, your stuff rocks Mark! Definitely not the most descriptive way to say it but the truth, like a well designed crossover, is quite often blindingly simple.




From: Cliff Law < >

Sent: Monday, 31 May 2004 11:48:54 AM

To: "Mark" <>

Subject : RE: Quick Silver Step up transformers


Hooked it up on the weekend. WOW I don’t think I have every heard vinyl sound so good even the old records, I have bought second hand over the last 6 months which are not in the best of condition. Incredible 3 dimensional imagery. Heaps of dynamic range, heaps of gain, incredible crystal clear top end and mid range, bass weight there  [perhaps not as good as the mid or top] hum at all...Some of the replacement records I played I new fairly well but I heard background sounds I have never heard before !

This kills any moving coil non step up I have every heard. I like the Plinius amp I have but this kills the moving coil stage of the amp and I  would never ever use it again, after hooking up the step up...the difference is just too great. It makes vinyl sound much more live than CD and really makes the Oracle, Rega, Dynavector rig sing for the first time since I have had it ! Thanks again!


Cliff Law


From: john kirmos@


Sent: Sunday, March 07, 2004 12:08 PM

Subject: re sonic art phono


My name is John. I’ve had the sonic art fable phono for some months now. I have a blue note bellagio, and shelter 901 cartridge. Mark has supplied me with the phono cable as well, and together the sound quality has improved immeasurably. The advantage is the personal service from a person who knows what they are talking about. Trying out products at home gives you a much more accurate idea of the tested components and also on your system/environment. You can't beat that. The after service is just as important and has had no hassles in any fine tuning questions that I have had.

All the best



From: "jazzy747" <jazzy747@ >

To: "Mark" <>

Subject: Re: cable out today.

Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 16:58:33 -0000

Hi Mark

a)The ''Blue Lightening'' digital cable is just revelatory it its bandwidth as it is spacious, without a hit of grain or sibilance. Compared to the first cable its far more detailed, spacious, much more natural and organic with top-end extension to die for......PHEW.....

b)The ''Silver Analogue'' interconnect straight out the box, had a bottom end that seemed to roll-off sharply, giving the impression notably, as a distinct lack of bass extension at the lower registers. However after the three month perseveratory burn-in period as if by magic ''POW'' came home one day  and the system's sound had dramatically changed. There was more body, more slam, and depth. Then it suddenly dawned on me that the  cable had reached its Plato, and its still  rounding off beautifully. Its taut with awesome dynamic slam. horns rasp, drums paint a clear clean picture, bass is deep yet well defined and as fast as light.

To anyone buying this interconnect do not expect to hear what this cable is capable of until four months minimum as passed. I absolutely guarantee your patience will be repaid beyond your wildest of desires. Please do not be put-off by the lack of bass in comparison  to the  awesome upper-bass and incredible expressive midrange, that throws the music over your head in a take-away-your-breath fashion. The bass will suddenly appear along  with awesome dynamic slam around the three month period, with continued rounding off through to the end of month four.

To Mark and Team........What can I say that I have not already told you guys..................

Dave...................High Wycombe......UNITED KINGDOM


Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 00:50:29 -0000

To: "Mark R" <>

Subject: Re: Products

From: "Arnold Z. Cruz" <>

Disposition-Notification-To: "Arnold Z. Cruz" <>

Hi Mark,

We had a cable shootout last Saturday that includes Kimber PBJ, Audience Au24, Musical Fidelity X-Link, Ecosse Maestro and others. The Sonic Art Silver Line cable was selected as top ranking. :)

The cable is on one of my dealer for evaluation.




----- Original Message -----
From: "jazzy747" <jazzy747@********.com>
To: "Mark" <>

Sent: 13 July 2003 23:18
Subject: Re: Sonic Art Cables Put this on your web site and send banking details please!!!

Hi Mark,

Good Day! Firstly, I take the opportunity to thank you for your speedy reply. I am impressed. You know, it is rare to stumble upon a cable that does so many things right and I am amazed to discover that my friend was won-over, by your digital cable. For him to replace his ''Chord Company'' cable with your digital cable is no minor event. With the Chord cable in place the system sounded fantastic. With your cable the system was organically alive. The sound stage engulfed us, the speakers disappeared, the music & musicians and instruments poured out into the room. We were suddenly transported ten rows nearer the stage with each instrument suspended in air in its own space. but in total cohesion with the whole, in a 3D hollogramatic fusion of musical ecstasy.

I could not believe that such an ordinary looking cable was capable of the stunning performance I witnessed with my own ears. But the most damning incredible point, was the lack of any harshness from top to bottom, no strained listening. Now wait for it, we were using the World Renowned ''Beasts of Sailsbury England'' ''Naim's'' Nac-82 Pre Amp / 135's Power and Psu's with their own interconnects, Audio Note Dac, Cyrus Disc Transport + Psu, Chord Company Odyssey speaker and Signature interconnect Cables, and the Great Epos ES22. So we were not using any old crap if you excuse the term. We were kicking Ass as we like to say. To all you folks out there!! Check these cables out and let you ears do the talking. I am in the process of Ordering SONIC ART latest ''Digital and Analogue Interconnects''.

To all you Dealers out there in the UK who wont give the small companies outside the UK a chance, you are all an embarrassment to true ''Music Lovers'' ''SHAME ON YOU''. Are you all scared that these cables will make some of the more extortionately priced cables you like to sell sound... yup, you got it in one ''EXTORTIONATE''. Music Lovers out there, don't believe their Hype, use your ears and save your notes. Buy Sonic Art Cables, they deliver at music lovers price,

And prepare to be as stunned as I was, buy more music with the notes you save and enjoy. I too use ''Audio Note Dac'' and ''Transport'' in an all Naim Active System and cant wait to get my hands on my Sonic's.

To: ''Mark '' and Associates at Sonic Art. ''Serious Respect To You All'' and ''Thank You'' P.S. If you ''Music Lovers'' out there all like: Music in Cohesion, Organic Emotion, Freedom from Speaker Connotation, Overwhelming Mental Inclusion without Illusion and Confusion. You all know what to do. Now check them out, prove me wrong.

Jazzy. ''D''

United Kingdom


From: "*****,PETER (HP-Australia)

To: "Mark" <>

Subject: Cable Review

Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 16:42:33 +1000

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to give you some feedback on your cables. In my system the Sonic Art Silver Analogue Interconnects together with Ebony Speaker Cables have turned out to be a very synergistic match, exhibiting excellent detail & coherence, without adding any harshness of their own. Tonal balance is good, and the soundstage is deep & wide. Likewise, the Sonic Art/Cardas rewire & Origin Live Structural Modification on my RB900 tonearm has improved performance markedly. Dynamics, musicality & "weight" have increased, and there's a lot more detail there as well.

Lastly, I've found the Blue Lightning digital Cable to be very neutral, like all of your cables. But of course, with all this neutrality, less-than-perfect source components and/or source material don't have anywhere to hide. At any rate, my old cables (Transparent Reference Interconnects & Ultra Speaker Cables) are now sold in favour of the Sonic Art Cables -- thanks again for making an excellent product at a very reasonable price.



Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


To: "Mark" <>

Subject: Re: new cables

Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 21:39:13 +1000

Hi Mark

I received the cables last Monday.  I've been away on holidays with the family and have only had the opportunity to listen on 2 nights. My initial impression is "WOW"! Everything sounds more real. In the last year I have up-graded amp, universal player and cables. I expected the hardware to make the biggest difference but I was not prepared at the effect cables had. I would say that you cannot fully experience subtleties the finest hardware is capable of without good cables.

All my interconnects are now Sonic Art and I am thrilled with the results. I assume that I will not hear my system at its best until I change my speaker cables. This will be the next step when I save some money.





To: "Mark" <>

Subject: feedback

Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 23:29:36 +1100

HI Mark,

In November I bought 2 phono cables from you and I would like to give you some feedback. I am very pleased with the sound of these cables. They have eliminated a harshness which I now realise was there. The sound is effortless and the midrange is especially more natural, airy yet detailed. This is a great cable. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Charlie Charalambous



To: "Mark" <>

Subject: Feedback

Date: Sun 20 June 2001 05:32:34 -0800 (PST)

Dear Mark,

Your cables are really value for money. They out-performed my Goertz, Cogan Hall Intermezzo and Audio Quest Clear. I am more than satisfied with them.




 From: “M.Gould” <

To: "Mark" <>

Subject: cables

Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2000 20:29:54 +1100

Dear Mark,

As promised, my thoughts on the interconnects and speaker cables,

In my system the stage opened up and instruments became clear and defined, vocals especially have taken on a life of their own, the image really is wonderful.

My Audiotruth Emerald and Tara Labs cables are now up for sale!


Maurice Gould

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


 From: "Stephen Young" <youngs@ >

To: "Mark" <>

Subject: Re: interconnects

Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 10:02:47 +0800

Dear Mark,

Thanks very much, they are certainly very smooth, and certainly are a significant upgrade from my previous cables which were Audioquest. Highly recommended, thanks again.

Stephen Young.

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