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PLEASE NOTE: We import  OL Tonearms in to order, made to order means you get the latest version with latest updates and any options you might want in the one ready to go package. Our experience is OL often updates their designs and everyone wants the latest version, it only takes around 2 weeks to get you the latest and greatest!


The Legendary tonearm that has been hailed as the 'design of the decade' in its MK1 form is now at MK4 stage with ever increased performance. Featuring the same underlying design of the popular MK3c this arm has a new yoke, arm tube and threaded base with VTA adjustment. Mark 4 sees a new end stub improving rigidity and tracking, and new external cabling of much higher quality. 

The Silver is a leading high performance tonearm offered at a fraction of the cost of other high end arms. The arm builds on the success of the highly acclaimed Origin Live OL1 and Rega arm upgrades. The fully upgraded OL1 is listed among the world’s “super arms” for performance and frequently mentioned alongside names such as the Linn Ekos, Naim Aro, SME V, Graham etc - these arms all have certain strengths and excel over one another in different areas. However none could really be said to have all the musical characteristics necessary in a tonearm. The Silver addresses this situation by possessing a superb blend of qualities. It is this blend that makes it a truly great all round performer, able to excel in all aspects of music.

All critical components are upgraded using advanced alloys and innovative techniques. The result of these changes is an incredibly transparent arm with superb tonal balance. The sound produced is free from coloration allowing previously unheard low level information to be noticed clearly. The arm exhibits a clean dynamic sound coupled with a tight and powerful bass.

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