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EBONY Vario-strand speaker cable

EBONY is the advancement of our original 8 core Speaker cable and builds on the excellent performance and value we offer. Featuring Variostrand technology, like many high-end cable manufacturers we combine various diameter conductors to create a cable that can better reproduce both ends of the audio bandwidth.

EBONY features 1.2mm-centre conductors surrounded by our 0.8mm outer conductors, all in our 4N metallurgy with pressure cast Teflon dielectric. Shielding the conductors is a MILSPEC Silver Mylar foil shield incorporating a drain wire, which can be utilised actively when an amplifier earthing post is present to further reduce the noise floor through the cabling.  Our speaker cables are unique in that they have shielding built into the design, which helps to reduce RFI and EMI interference where the cable is sitting near other signal, and power cables,

Protecting the delicate construction is a heavy Military PVC outer sheath, which gives the cable strength, flexibility and has a softer resonance than Teflon. It also allows us to print efficiently on the outside, aiding in identification and direction.

*Some might ask why we have chosen to eliminate our trademark Teflon outer sheath on the new speaker cable; it was not a price compromise, as our customers know our dedication to material quality. With the MILSPEC Mylar foil shield over the conductors the need for Teflon on the outside is removed, and the need for flexibility can be addressed directly. We can also print on the cable, which is an added bonus for correct direction and identification. The resonance characteristics of Military PVC is also well suited to the cable but we cannot go into that too much!

EBONY Speaker cable Specifications:

Wire: MILSPEC construction of MILSPEC Silver/Copper 0.8mm & 1.2mm diameter cores. Perfectly round multi strand conductors, 8 core design.

Insulation: MILSPEC pressure cast Teflon on all conductors. MILSPEC Silver Mylar foil shield with drain wire. Black military PVC outer jacket.

Note: All Sonic Art Speaker Cables must be run in the direction of the printing on the jacket.

Sonic Art Cables require 100+ hours of use before reaching full performance.

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