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The Sonic Art EVOLUTION AC cable was designed to compliment our Mains Filter and provide a high current high conductivity source of power for all mains powered electronics.

The cable features heavy Silver alloy conductors with 40 microns of Silver over a copper core using our 4N MILSPEC metallurgy. Each strand is individually constructed in this alloy before being combined into a perfectly round 2mm-multi-strand conductor.

PTFE Teflon is used to insulate each conductor as it exhibits the lowest dielectric loss besides air, we use pressure cast Teflon as although it is the most expensive, it allows very low wall thickness for its rated voltage.

EVOLUTION power cable is constructed using 3 MILSPEC Silver Copper Alloy cores machine laid with polymer fillers, heavy duty 100% coverage MILSPEC copper shielding, and MILSPEC Rubberized PU flame retardant outer jacket. The floating shield helps to shield the power cable from delicate line level cables. And can be connected at the source end for digital equipment. All cables come with the shield insulated at the source end ready to be connected if required.

Sonic Art EVOLUTION AC cable is available per metre, it has been tested to Military specs back in 2005 and surpasses domestic electrical standards. We have FURUTECH 240v plugs and IEC sockets available for purchase, these are Australian approved plugs sourced from the Australian importer.

The Sonic Art EVOLUTION AC cable improves bandwidth, imaging and staging when used in your system. Improvements are magnified as the power requirement of individual components rises. Amplifiers especially can show the biggest improvements due to the large current capability and good matching of the AC cable. Designed in Australia. Cable is manufactured for Sonic Art in a US based MILSPEC factory using 100% MILSPEC materials.

EVOLUTION AC Mains cable Specifications:

Wire: MILSPEC 6N Silver saturated Copper alloy. 19 Strand construction creates 2mm Perfectly round conductors.

Insulation: Pressure Cast PTFE Teflon with 100% coverage braided tinned copper shielding & MILSPEC Rubberized jacket.

AC Mains plugs available: FURUTECH Australian AC plug. Clipsal 56 heavy duty 10A plug.

Sonic Art Cables require 150 hours of use before reaching full performance.




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