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Audiophile streaming with the new Sonic Art silver digital cable, introducing the


BLUE LIGHTNING USB is a culmination of Digital technology advancement and has been designed for the most stringent of digital signal transfers. Featuring optimum digital conductor sizing in our proven MILSPEC configuration and a very special construction technique with solid PTFE spacers our cable exhibits stable correct impedance but is not a coax! Performance is unsurpassed at the price. Check out our feedback page, we had a customer compare the Blue Lightning favourably against a CHORD Company Digital cable which costs more than 6 times the Blue Lightning.


BLUE LIGHTNING USB features our Military Grade 4N Silver & Copper metallurgy with VIRGIN PTFE (Pressure cast Teflon) dielectric, and a full Silver/Copper shield for the + & - Data lines. The PTFE outer jacket is further suppressed by the use of a MILSPEC Antistatic Nylon mesh sheath. Our 5v/GND line is completely separate to the Data line, a MILSPEC coax fully shielded, made with the same Silver/copper alloy as all our cables, silver/copper shield, PTFE jacket and also covered in MILSPEC antistatic nylon mesh.

Our plugs are made in Taiwan and feature gold plated copper and brass contact pins, they are simple quality plugs, you don’t need a fancy alloy case or bling, you want it to sound great! The result from the BLUE LIGHTNING is far more detail in your music, a blacker background, and an ‘organically live’ sound with a deep wide stage. Do not be fooled by the price!

BLUE LIGHTNING USB  DIGITAL Interconnect Specifications:

DATA Wire: MILSPEC construction of Silver & Copper. Perfectly round conductors. Floating shield. Exhibits a true stable impedance but is not a coax!

POWER Wire: MILSPEC coax of Silver & Copper, full coverage shield in the same metallurgy.

Insulation: MILSPEC pressure cast Teflon with MILSPEC Silver Braided shield. MILSPEC pressure cast Teflon outer jacket with Nylon Antistatic outer mesh sheath.

Termination: USB-A & USB-B plugs with 24K gold contacts and plated  brass casing, CARDAS Quad Eutectic silver sold used.

Note: All Sonic Art Cables must be run in the direction of the arrows.

Sonic Art Cables require 100+ hours of use before reaching full performance.

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