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Sonic Art SA220 Tonearm STAGE 2

The Sonic Art tonearm is back! Decades ago we started producing a modified RB250/300 tonearm for lovers of vinyl- in this case the SA250. From the beautiful cast alloy tapered arm tube and simplistic design came the basis of what was a great sounding arm at a budget price. There were manufacturing compromises of course in order to bring an arm to the market at the price point it was, plastic end stub to carry the counterweight, basic wiring internally and externally, no VTF adjustment built in just the counterweight movement, but this was understandable.


The current model OEM arm uses a 3 point mounting system and retains the basic plastic end stub and painted steel weight. The rear of a Rega arm is extremely important as the counterweight represents the highest mass of the arm which affects the arms performance significantly. As your cartridge tracks its way through the grooves of your record it sends micro vibration up the tonearm tube, some of this vibration sinks into the base of the arm but much of it travels into the end stub/counterweight assembly where it is reflected back down the arm tube, not the most ideal situation for extracting fine detail. So the first task is to remove the plastic end stub and add an end stub to the arm that is like an extension of the arm tube itself, incredibly rigid yet at the same time  decoupled. We have done this using high grade non ferrous metals. Our end stub is not screwed into the arm tube like the factory & most aftermarket stubs, our end stub butts up against the back of the arm tube much like the old OL stubs did, with minimal surface area interaction (decoupling it) and is torqued into place with a thin stainless bolt that screws into a brass insert in the back of the arm tube.

We end up with an essentially rigid arm tube, yet decoupled where the counterweight mounts. We then add a solid machined brass counterweight, close tolerances and rigidly clamped to the stub via a set screw, the sonic characteristics of the brass sink the unwanted vibrations from the arm tube. We use premium materials for all components, Australian brass and alloys.


Wiring: our original SA250/300 wiring was a one piece affair which ran the Cardas litz tonearm wire from cartridge to RCA plugs. This ran in a Teflon tubed fully shielded faraday cage, its fairly expensive due to the labour involved, also can be a little delicate too.

The new SA220 arm has the same Cardas litz wire inside the arm with Cardas gold plated cartridge clips included. The external coax we use is the same low loss hi purity wiring found on the OL Encounter arm! We machine our own alloy end plug for the arms, as you can see in our photos the termination is neat and solid into the arm base, a full earth wire is also included, running from the arm tube earthing point to your phono stage earth post. Arm wiring is terminated with our Sonic Art RCA plugs as found on the SILVER LINE cable series. Rewiring brings a more natural musical presentation, more detail and air to the stage.


The result is a significant step up from the stock arm, every aspect of performance benefits, and all at a very affordable price.  With the 3 point mounting system the arm is easy to fit to most tables. We are looking to  manufacture our own VTA spacers to suit the 3 point mount. We are also manufacturing a machined alloy mount that will convert any 3 point mounting arm to a 23mm threaded tube mount like the old RB250/300 used to be. This will be available soon, it will have the standard 23mm diameter thread and a threaded VTA ring for adjusting arm height.

NOTE: While arms are usually in stock, we may not have one finished, please allow 3-5 days for your arm to be completed and shipped if this is the case.



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