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Sonic Art has been servicing Melbourne Audiophiles for over 25 years, while our business was originally design and manufacture of hi-end products we also spent a lot of time in loungerooms around Melbourne! Our business is a little different to your usual HiFi store, we operate largely online supplying our own products worldwide and importing/stocking a select range of products to compliment what we do for our local customers. And we still spend time in lounge rooms around the East and South East of Melbourne! We set up turntables, install cabling, upgrade electronics, from a simple cartridge install and alignment to a more serious component upgrade of your CD player, amplifier, speakers or dac! We stock spares for all the old CEC Belt drive transports, and can source spares for many other products.


Sonic Art has been rewiring and upgrading tonearms for decades, we are specialists in REGA tonearms and can work on most tonearm brands and models. We use CARDAS litz tonearm wire inside all the arms we work on, the Cardas wire is a fantastic sounding product, detailed and natural, we use it in all our own arms too! Our external cable the ‘VINYL LINK’ is a big step up in sound from the coax found on most tonearms and features our ‘time aligned’ design. We also custom design parts for repairing and upgrading arms, one common part we make is counterweights, we have machine shop facilities so if you need anything from a basic rewire to custom arm work please send a message through our contact page


We are back producing our turntable mods and upgrades, with the first of the new structural kits now available! Quality materials and attention to detail along with proven performance make this kit a must have for your REGA based Tonearm. Absolute must for any RB250/202/220 series arm, a solid upgrade for any RB300/303/330 and up arm.


Here at Sonic Art we thoroughly enjoy spinning the black discs, the organic dynamic and unrestrained sound is unbeatable. Of course we all have bad recordings, no media is immune from this, and I know from personal experience that some of the new pressings available (especially from certain EU regions) can sound quite average…I import a small range of vinyl, only the highest quality pressings from known factories, customer reactions to some of our stock is nothing short of WOW!


Sonic Art is now importing some of the SRM-TECH range from the UK, we will be stocking the deluxe Rega acrylic platter along with acrylic & silicon mats for all tables. We can supply any SRM-TECH product you might want, shoot an email through with your needs and we will add it into our next shipment!


It seems just talk about supply issues with anything these days and its instant price hikes across the board…we have decided to start importing a select range of popular preamp/driver tubes, we can also order in a rather large range of most popular pre and power tubes so if its not listed just ask, its very likely we can get you a premium quality product and usually accurately matched by our supplier, about the biggest distributor in the EU. Click the tubes below to check them out!


BLUE LIGHTNING USB is a culmination of Digital technology advancement and has been designed for the most stringent of digital signal transfers. Featuring optimum digital conductor sizing in our proven MILSPEC configuration and a very special construction technique with solid PTFE spacers our cable exhibits stable correct impedance but is not a coax! Performance is unsurpassed at the price. Read more about this new cable HERE!


Sonic Art is a boutique Audio Design company that started in 1991. Our locally designed hi-end audio products have been sold around the world, Sonic Art is interested in the purity of the product, the engineering, the material technology and the sound. Striving for that feeling of a live musical experience, we have imported and sold a range of products to compliment those we produce here in Australia. Our Silver cable range is one of the most impressive cable products you will hear, the marketing budget in Sonic Art products is minimal, the engineering and material quality is uncompromised.

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