This was The Australian Audio Designers display at the Radisson President hotel in Melbourne. Sonic Art displayed products in 1993 and 1994 in Melbourne and Sydney.

1995 & 1996 saw Sonic Art displayed and sold by ACOUSTIC IMAGES, a large importer and retailer based in Melbourne, Australia.


Pictured here are the Sonic Art SUPERTOWER, TOWER, and MINITOR speakers, in rich red Australian Jarrah veneer. The Tower ended up as a MKII with one of Dynaudio’s best tweeters, the Super Tower evolved into a time aligned Super Tower II and the Minitor remains a timeless classic, superseded only by the Minitor PRO with gold Hyquphon tweeters.



Sonic Art Cables at the BANGKOK High End audio show.

Sonic Art’s SONIC SILVER show hosts! Sonic Art products have been available through SE Asia since late 1999, dealers show our products in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore at regular HiFi shows twice a year. We have had magazine reviews done in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong in Thai, Chinese & English.

The Audio show in Thailand is quite a large affair, many interesting people come to this show, I hung out with Ken Ishiwata for a couple of hours chatting about audio design!

Sonic Art Cables at the Melbourne 2000 Home entertainment show. Check the Distributors list for details.


Sonic Art Silver used to connect Gallo Micro Speakers to Sunfire Cinema Grand & Carver 760 power Amplifier! Sonic Art cable is designed with extremely high spec Teflon insulation in order to keep its diameter down, resulting in cable under the carpet that can hardly be seen, even next to a concrete floor!



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