I started designing Loudspeakers back in 1988 as part of my design projects for Industrial Design. I designed speakers for John Woodhead who ran a large CNC machining factory making the majority of speaker cabinets for the local Australian Industry. I also designed a speaker for “AUDIOPHILE” in Melbourne. (I also designed a fuel injection throttle body for Holden V8 carburettor conversions but that’s another story!).

I evaluate all my own speakers and have a group of enthusiasts who enjoy critical listening to new products! I choose crossover component types after initial frequency flattening. I purchased  Loudspeaker Measuring System early on in my career, while final sound of any great speaker comes from listening and critical evaluation, getting your frequency response correct and phases correct is best done with high quality computerised measuring equipment.

Only very high grade capacitors from Sonicap, Mundorf, ANSA, & Solen, OFC Solid Core, Heptalitz, & copper foil inductors, and reverse wound Mills & ceramic resistors are used. All of our speaker models are wired with Sonic Art Silver hook-up wire, hard wired and silver soldered to the drivers. CARDAS patent binding posts have been added to the MINITOR PRO, TOWER II and SUPER TOWER II from 2004 onwards, these Billet Copper Silver/Rhodium plated posts are light years ahead in terms of sound and function over the myriad of gold plated Brass posts most manufacturers use.

Our cabinets are made from the highest quality Particle & MDF boards (some laminates of both) covered in genuine jarrah veneer, or in the case of the new SUPER TOWER, gorgeous Silky Oak. Each cabinet is painstakingly hand built by our cabinet makers in Melbourne, we then hand assemble the speakers in our Melbourne workshop. Natural flaws are part and parcel of hand built cabinets, and only reiterate the personal level of involvement, love and care that goes into these products. Our cabinets are not punched out on machines in vinyl!


Features of Sonic Art Speakers

Cleverly designed hybrid cabinet structure with careful bracing designed to control resonance.

Hard wired crossovers use quality components such as ANSAR, CARDAS, SOLEN, ALPHA CORE, MILLS.

Sonic Art silver cabling used internally from the base model bookshelf to the best floorstander!

CARDAS Patent BINDING POST system on top models, Silver/Rhodium plated Copper quick lock posts.

 Dynamic Loudspeaker Measuring System used for accuracy and acoustic coherence.

The CARDAS Patent binding Post system offers an exceptional contact point for your speaker cable with Pure Copper hollow posts and the 'quick lock' fastening system. We use the Silver/Rhodium plated billet copper posts.

We supply SONIC ART SILVER spades with every pair of speakers except standard Minitor.

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