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At last a Turntable Record Weight which works as it should!

The Gravity One Record weight serves to remove harmful vibration from the record and thus significantly improve your sound quality. Most clamps flatten records successfully but have very mixed results on sound quality. As a generalization, most tend to enhance create pump up the bass whilst dulling down the upper mid-band. There is also a perceived softening of dynamics (even in the bass), a slowing down of the sound and the decay of notes suffers.

For 25 years or so we’ve tested turntable record weight designs (both ours and 3rd parties) and never come across a weight or clamp which enhanced sound quality. Then one year we were sharing a room at the Indulgence show with the importer of the Shun Mook record weight. To my astonishment this actually worked and enhanced everything in the music with no downside. The only problem was that it cost £2000. This experience got us thinking and after some interesting design experiences with previously untested materials we though it worth trying again.

What the Record Weight sounds like…

The result is a turntable record weight which makes a significant contribution to improving bass definition, weight and depth but it also enhances the mid-band and treble through better separation, transparency and decay of notes. This is where most other clamps cause degradation but the Origin Live clamp excels.

We are so pleased with the results that we now offer this as an upgrade for all other decks.

Record Weight Specifications:

Dimensions: 80mm diameter x 25mm height
Weight: 67 grams
Fits over spindles between 8.5mm to 23mm height (where height is measured between top of record and very top of spindle)

Possible objections:

My deck will be different to the one you tested the clamp on so there is there any guarantee of improvement?

This a valid concern, however a record clamp is primarily in contact with the record rather than your deck. Although the deck will affect the vibration of the record, the effect of exerting control from the topside of the record is different. To test this point we tried the clamp on:

Solid platters

Platters topped with felt mats

Suspended decks

Non suspended decks

In all cases the improvements of the record weight were the same as listed above.

The record weight is actually a very low mass of around 70 grams and will not upset suspended turntables.



So what did I hear?
I heard a slight improvement, with the most noticeable being bass performance and presentation.
Bass is more impactful and textured. It’s richer and sounds more refined.
Mids are softer and airier, but allowing vocals to sound more organic.
Highs are more articulate, faster paced and with improved sparkle.
I also noticed quieter sections of music sounding, well… quieter. bringing out more detail from the background.
I noticed this across both the EVO and the 1200 MKII, However I found the differences more pronounced when using the Gravity One with the EVO. So much so that it has become a permanent fixture in the EVO’s retinue of accessories and upgrades.

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